mac and me flash back video clip

Flashback: Mac and Me blatant product placement

Yes, it's 1988 five years after the 1982 hit Sci/Fi movie E.T smashed the box offices with their adorable Drew Barrymore and lovable skittle eating alien that Mac and Me total extra terrestrial rip came out. Drowning in product placement, McDonalds stole that alien movie idea like a pedophile steals virginities.

None the less, we all still loved that retarded looking Mac and that wheel chair kid who rolled off the cliff in a horrible painful death scene. Ya, very gruesome Ronald McDonald. Just kidding, he totally survives. But, the one strange part of this low-budget cheeseburger-loving movie is that by no means is it a musical. For some spontaneous reason, all the people eating at their favorite fast food joint break into a dance sequence.

You gotta love the 80's.

The infamous dance scene...

Author: christin Posted: 8/31/2008
Tags: Funny videos  Sunday Flashback