madonnas sticky and sweet tour gets political compares mccain to hitler

War Zero McCain is Hitler

Muscular Madonna kicked off her 50th birthday with her "Sticky & Sweet" tour in the UK as 40,000 screaming meemies and trag queens watched in aw as this over aged woman squeezed into fish net stalkings thrusting her elderly poon.

As promised, Madonna showed the one and only Britney Spears cameo streaming on big screens during the concert. It's all a big mess and you can barely here the music, not that you fine folks want to listen to Brit Brit heehaw on loud speakers. In the video Brit is dressed in a hoodie stuck in an elevator like the famous footage of Nicholas White trapped in an elevator in the McGraw-Hill Building for 41 hours.

Here's Brits video.

Enough about Britney, the most talked about of the "Sticky and Sweet" tour isn't Madonna's old rusty vagina in spandex or her veining roid arms, during the concert Madonna decided to go political on her audience and compared John McCain to Hilter, Barack Obama to Ghandi.

Madonna, who turned 50 this month, kicked off her Sticky & Sweet Tour on Saturday night at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. The BBC reported that the two-hour show took a political turn when, in a lead-in to a remixed version of “Like a Prayer,” a video sequence showed flashing images of destruction followed by pictures of Hitler, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and then Senator John McCain.

Later, footage of Barack Obama was interspersed among images of Gandhi and John Lennon.

McCain 0, Madonna 10 for making him look like the biggest douche the planet has ever birthed.

Over the Hill and through the woods...

Author: christin Posted: 8/26/2008
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