megan fox at the juno premiere

Motley Crue sucks

As you know, I'm not to fond of hairspray 80's heavy metal but I totally dig Megan Fox at the red carpet premeire of Juno. Which, I might add, looks like a good movie. I love it that Megan didn't wear a fru fru dress and ten pounds of diamonds wrapped around her face. Rebel against the main stream... and wear a faded t-sirt and jeans! She's a hottie that pulls off any style... from frumpy to glam.

If I walked the red carpet dressed all bummy like, they'd kick me off. Not only because I really don't belong on the red carpet but they'd think I'm an actual bum. A smelly bum.

Author: christin Posted: 12/6/2007
Tags: Megan Fox