michael jackson ebony magazine cover

Holy photoshop BATMAN!

Um, ya who's the magician that made Michael Jackson look like a human being? Why would Ebony magazine put wacko jacko on their cover if he's no longer black? He's whiter than Tapioca pudding. Harriette Cole, the creative director at Ebony who was probably on meth at the time of this interview, told Meredit Viera on the Today show Tuesday morning about her experience with Michael Jackson.

“He’s very shy, but normal. From the time that I spent with him, what I got is that he’s a man. He’s 49. He’s a grown-up. If you learn from your challengens, then you become stronger. He certainly seemed like that. His voice is a bit lower. He came across really as kind of normal.” 

Ya, totally high on meth.


Author: christin Posted: 11/8/2007
Tags: Michael Jackson