michael lohan defends lindsay lohan to democratic team

How dear you Obama team for protecting your camp!

Michael Lohan desperatley seeking fame and attention decided to defend Lindsay Lohan from Barak Obama's team for turning down her support. Like if she was never got caught snorting coke in a public bathroom or blew a dude on camera or even flashed the world her poonani... several times. I can keep going...

"For Barack Obama to condemn my daughter for past indiscretions when he admitted to the exact same himself is indicative of what kind of president he would be," Michael Lohan told FoxNews.com'

"His visions of a positive future for this country should be representative of a positive future for people as well. It is looking beyond the difficult times and letting go of the past. Obviously, Obama can do this for himself and not others, when in fact a good president should have hope for all."

"Lindsay is gifted — she has a wonderful heart and she can and will affect millions of people in a very positive way. She is here to stay," he continues. "Obama might have eight years, and then he will be giving lectures. Who knows, maybe Lindsay will give him a part in one of her movies."

Oh man, the stupidy spewing out of this mans mouth is complete retardism. It all makes sense to me know why his daughters have grown up so quickly. I'm just surprised Lindsay is showing signs of improvement with a Father like he, she has full excuse to be a crack head like Amy Winehouse. In Ali Lohan's case, there's still time. She is 14 going on 35.

Author: christin Posted: 9/19/2008
Tags: Barak Obama  Lindsay Lohan