mila kunis in complex magazine

Meg Griffin is hot

Meg Griffin Mila Kunis is sexy showing off her legs in Complex magazine. Not only is this chick naturally beautiful but she's cool as hell.

How does traditional acting compare to voice acting?

Mila Kunis: For Family Guy, I come to work one day out of the month. I come in my pajamas, I hang out and play Ping-Pong, I record a couple pages of stuff, and I leave. I hope that job never ends. It's like money from the sky. People are like, "Oh, can I come visit you at Family Guy?" They come and are like, "That's it? This is all you do?"

Do you like other cartoons?

Mila Kunis: I do. I come from Donald Duck, Rescue Rangers, you know, old cartoons. I love Gummi Bears.

Your eyes are two different colors, like David Bowie's.

Mila Kunis: David Bowie lives down the street from me, man! Do you know how fucking rad that is?

Have you seen him?

Mila Kunis: From a distance. I'd like to think he saw me back, but I don't think he did.

Have you ever met a karate master?

Mila Kunis: Does Chuck Norris count?

Hell, yes!

Mila Kunis: I did Walker, Texas Ranger when I was 10 years old, and he taught me karate. I can say Chuck Norris taught me how to kick a punching bag. He was the raddest, coolest guy on the planet. He was great to my family.

Mila is the voice for a cartoon character in Family Guy, her neighbor is David freakin' Bowie and she was on Walker, Texas Ranger. I'm pretty sure when I say this, I'm totally in love with this chick and she single handedly turned be into a raging lesbian and I may process divorce papers to my husband. Ok ok everything but that last part, my husband is pretty freakin' awesome... not in a Mila Kunis sorta way but still pretty cool and he has a penis. I sure hope he doesn’t read this post or I’ll be sleeping in the carport with frogs tonight.

I want to work in my pajamas, oh wait, (looks down) I'm naked... ok nevermind.

Author: christin Posted: 4/10/2008
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