miley cyrus ordered to stay out of the public eye

Disney banished Miley for semi-topless pictorial

Disney has banished Miley Cyrus from the public eye for the time being. Well until all this topless Vanity Fair hoopla settles down.

“You won’t be seeing her for a while,” a highranking Disney employee was overheard saying this weekend at a luncheon in LA, according to Page Six. “The company is keeping her away from events and wants her to keep a very low profile for the next four to six months. They’re trying to keep her contained.”

 Look, Disney is just going to have to deal with the fact that Miley is going to be a herpe infested media slut. Like Paris and Britney. It's better if they just accept it early on... it's like realizing your daughter is going to be on Girls Gone Wild during Spring Break. It's ok Disney, we'll be here to lend you a shoulder to cry on. There there.

Oh ya, a dress fit for a 15 year old High Schooler. slut.

Author: christin Posted: 4/30/2008
Tags: Miley Cyrus