monica cruz upskirt at the mango 2009 springsummer fashion show

Monica Cruz upskirt? Why not!

I don't usually post celebrity upskirt pictures or even nipple slips but I'm feeling kinda lazy today and Monica Cruz is just so stunning. Why not post sexy panty upskirt pictures of her at the Mango 2009 Fashion Show.

Today is my 3rd year wedding anniversary and I'm feeling a little bit kinky and what a better excuse to post sexy pictures of a hot chick. My husband and I aren't traditional when it comes to anniversaries or Birthdays, we don't shower each other with gifts and material things. I don't even wear jewlery, shoes and barely shave for that matter. I guess you can label me a hippie to define my lifestyle. We'd rather have a little something home made than something that cost alot of money that we probably will only use twice, maybe.

We are having our toddler baby sat tonight and are going to meet up with another couple for a double date because we rarely get that chance. Gonna have me some washington apples and maybe a dry martini.

That being said, Happy Anniversary to me.


Author: christin Posted: 11/13/2008
Tags: Monica Cruz  Upskirt