paris hilton posed for 944 magazine too skinny topless wearing dorky yellow glasses

Guess who's pregnant!!!

Everyone else in L.A. but Paris Hilton and thank the holy heavens for that! I don't know what's going in 944's fashion headquarters but they all must be deaf dumb and/or blind because the last person to choose as a model is Paris, now if you want a blow job out of it, that's a different story. The funny part is that they decided to put her in the ugliest sun glasses human hands have ever created on her wonky face. They must really hate her, or they have no idea what fashion, the word pretty means... or they're all huffing paint thinner. I'm leaning more towards the paint thinner part.

If she was any thinner, you can see her bowel movements traveling through her intestines like a choo-choo.

Author: christin Posted: 3/3/2008
Tags: Paris Hilton