pamela anderson may me dating michael jackson

Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson walk into a bar...

Ok, everybody is freaking out because Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson met up at a bar and shared drinks. Frst of all, I beleive Pam has enough sense not to get involved with a 50 year old virgin, besides her and Tommy Lee are back together. Second of all, do you really think, if by a divine miracle Michael actually got her in his bedroom, he would know what to do with busty Pam? The answer is no. He'll probably whip out nursery ryhmes and scare her away.

Anderson, 41, and Jackson requested a private section of Malibu Beach bar Shutters Hotel and shared drinks.

"They were very chatty," the Mirror reported a source as saying.

"Pamela was being her usual flirty self and Michael seemed to be responding.

"They are such a strange couple but they seemed to really hit it off."

The odd couple then reportedly met for a second date at a Malibu coffee shop.

"They chatted about Michael turning 50, his new album, their kids," the source said.

"And he seemed genuinely interested in Pamela."

Former Baywatch babe Anderson told media that she was back with rocker ex-husband Tommy Lee while in Australia recently.

Pamela will flirt with a can of tomato soup for f*cks sake. They shared just a few drinks at the bar and talked about their lame kids and junk. The End. He's probably using this publicity to hype up the media for an album release or something. You see, he's using the haggard busty former model (She's not a model anymore, right?), I can bet my first born they are not dating as all the sites are headlining.

Author: christin Posted: 9/3/2008
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