pamela anderson stripped on the ellen degeneres show

Pamela Anderson gave Ellen an erection

Age defining Pamela Anderson stripped off her robe into a skimpy bikini for Ellen Degeneres on her show for some sort of brilliant idea and proceeded to bounce and bounce and bounce. As if her silicone breasts will ever show signs of life, although her brain rattled a bit but she's used to that.

Take a good look at Ellen's eyes as they do not leave the boob area. She must of gotten a nice chubby and had to cut to commercial.

When Ellen asked about her hanging out with Michael Jackson she replied vaguely:

“He just wants me to be in a video,” she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (airing Wednesday) when asked about their recent meeting. “My life is so interesting. My life is a blur.”

“So seriously, have you been hanging out with him?” DeGeneres asked.

“It happens ... skin cancer and Vicodin,” she replied cryptically. “I don’t know ... I have a lot of interesting friends.”

Pam in a Michael Jackson video? but Why? She's old. He must of been watching old Baywatch re-runs in his underground layer beneath a volcano with no satilite cable not realizing there's younger hotter models roaming the Earth right now as we speak.

Watch Ellen drool over fake boobers...

Author: christin Posted: 9/10/2008
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