paris hilton injected her lips

Paris loves rimming

Instead of rimming her rear, now butt rimming is available on her face! I always thought Paris Hilton was an a-hole... My thoughts have come true. What is with celebrities and injecting their lips to look like someone chucked a boulder at their face? Do they honestly think this shit makes them look hot? What a sad era we all live in that so many chicks are so unsatisfied with themselves. I'm not exactly model material but I'm not about to go under the knife or needle (unless it's for another tattoo) to morph into a giant swollen rectum because that's the current trend. Geez, chicks are freakin' crazy.

Can't she do someone useful with all those millions of dollars she's got? Instead of shopping day and night, Do humanity a favor and euthanize Britney and all the other swamp rat celebrity ho-bags breathing our precious oxygen. Like for example, Tara Reid. The End.

Author: christin Posted: 12/4/2007
Tags:   Paris Hilton