paris hitlon feels like a grown up now

Paris is a big girl now, still plays dress up

Paris Hilton is living in a fantasy land were money is no object and spent frivolously. Parasite Hitron feels she has changed her skanky ways and is all grown-up ever since she has been dating Benji Madden. I agree, she has changed... a teeny tiny bit. We see less meaty upskirts but the club hopping, shopping sprees and celeb drama is still there.

Reading these quotes below will lower your IQ score about 25%.

“I think my whole life I was kind of living as a teenager and not really taking responsibility,” Hilton, who visited the Con to support her new film – and well-received performance in – Repo! The Genetic Opera, told PEOPLE. “Now I realize that I’m an adult and I’m running a huge company and I’m in love. I’m in a great relationship. I have my family. I’m just excited for life.”

When the notion of tying the knot with Madden (whose brother Joel is the paramour of Nicole Ritchie ) was broached, Hilton was cautiously optimistic. "I don't know," she mused. "We're so in love and so happy right now and it's only been like six months. So we'll see what happens, but we're so in love and so happy and things have never been better. I finally have a nice guy."

The couple is also making beautiful music together in the studio. “We just wrote together,” Hilton said. “I had a whole recording studio in my house and so we’ve been working there every night. We wrote together on two songs for my Best Friends show.”

“He helps me because he’s an incredible writer and we’re on the same wavelength and so we’re working well together as a team,” she said. “Benji will bring us beats and then we literally just sit there and write to the beats about what I want to talk about. The music is really fun. It’s really just happy and fun dance music.”

BARF! The last thing I think of after reading that googly gah is the word adult. Sounds like a sequel to Clueless starring a mildly retarded valley girl with a wonky eye and the brain of an eight year old. I think it's safe to say Paris Hilton will never grow up and for f*ck sake stop trying to make music.

Author: christin Posted: 7/28/2008
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