riley giles talks about lindsay lohans addiction to sex

Nympho Lohan?

Didn't we already know this like 3 years ago? Anyway that douche Riley Giles who hybernated in Lindsay Lohan's uterus for about a month has come out to talk about thier relationship. He probably needed money for a Herpes treatment or something.

In an exclusive interview he said: "Lindsay's definitely a nymphomaniac. She's wild in bed. We'd have sex a couple of times in the day and then go to it through the night.

"We once did it four times in a row straight. That was crazy. Lindsay was insatiable. She'd demand sex again and again. We'd go at it for hours. She'd have worn out most guys."

"From that moment it was on," he recalled as he described their first snatched passionate kiss in a corridor, strictly against the rules. "The chemistry between us was so strong we couldn't help ourselves.

"The first time we had sex I couldn't believe I was looking down at Lindsay Lohan naked. We'd barely gotten through the door when we just ripped each other's clothes off.

"Lindsay is so hot. She has a great body. Her backside is fantastic, perfect, all plump and round.

Do you know who also had a "plump" round backside? The starring brunette from 2girls 1cup. Riley's retarded and this story is old because we all know she's always in a serious need of penis. Now if he was banging Alba or Aniston then that would be interesting to me. He might as well be talking about Paris Hilton or Tara Reid.

If she wasn't such a F-up or annoying, she'd be pretty hot.

LiLo Photoshoot, looking hot here.

Author: christin Posted: 12/26/2007
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