sarah palin on snl as non funny sarah palin

Sarah Palin on SNL, not funny

As expected, Sarah Palin went on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, she began the show insisting not to perform her pre-written and rehearsed part so Amy Poehler took over. Thank the holy heavens she didn't persue that rap sequenced, even though it would of been funny watching her attempt a tune. What can I say, Sarah's a joke to me.

A very pregnant Amy Poehler did an amazing job delivering Sarah's part. I honestly don't know where Amy's getting her energy, at that point of my pregnancy I was bedridden eating for a dozen, kind of like Jabba the Hut. Amy looks like she's about to pop at any moment!

The second skit was even worse. It starts off with Tina Fey doing her best Sarah Palin addressing some issues at the podium as the real Sarah Palin looked on. Tina was awesome, Sarah? Not so much. Watch the Gov. Palin interupting Tina here. Even Alec Baldwin who's a paid actor made a cameo and stunk up SNL.


Author: christin Posted: 10/20/2008
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