sean tayler redskins safety died today

Sean Taylor died early this morning

Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor died early this morning due to a gun shot wound in the femoral artery which caused him to lose alot of blood. Sean's Miami home was being robbed Monday, as he tried to grab a small machete, the intruder shot him. Sean's girlfriend and 18 month old daughter, were home at the time of the robbery were unharmed.

The 24-year-old safety died in a Florida hospital where he underwent nearly seven hours of emergency surgery Monday to repair a severed femoral artery, the team confirmed in a website statement.

"He did not make it through the night," Taylor's attorney and long-time friend, Richard Sharpstein, told the Washington Post, calling the death "a ridiculous unnecessary tragedy."

Taylor was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital after his fiancee made an emergency call.

"He never regained consciousness," Sharpstein told CNN. "He was unconscious when the fire rescue people arrived. It's a senseless tragic death."

Apparently it wasn't the first time some one broke into their home... just eight days before the fatal shooting, an intruder pried open a window, went through drawers and a safe in the home and also left a knife on a bed, according to police.

Author: christin Posted: 11/27/2007
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