shia labeouf gets wasted and asks to get slapped video

I take it he's a stupid drunk

Transformers star Shia Labeouf thought it would be totally original to get wasted at a house party and have a random dude slap (not punch) him as hard as he could... to prove the size of his genitals? Needless to say, his buddy slapped him, like a bitch and posted the video on YouTub proving how much of a douche he is. Although, it was pleasant to see Shia getting bitch slapped by another dude. Reminded me of two little girls fighting over nail polish and gum balls. I guess they editted the part when Shia was caught crying in the corner sucking his thumb calling for his Nana.

Shia is on Youtube whoopty doo

Author: christin Posted: 6/10/2008
Tags: Funny videos  Shia Labeouf