top 10 celebrities who were once beautiful that aged poorly by getting fat or just ugly

From sex appeal to undesirable

I give you Celeblite's superficial top 10 beautiful celebrities who got beat down by the ugly stick. Celebrities whom either ate themselves into an over weight jabba the hut or sadly did not age well. Fortunately for you fine folks, I'm here to exploit them for getting ugly!

We'll start with the lowest common demoninator.

10). Jenna Jameson. She didn't get fat but too skinny and way too much cosmetic surgery brought her to this category of undesirabley ugly. even though she'd spred her legs to anything with a pulse, you have to admit she was a very pretty girl.

9). Lisa Marie Presley ate one two many twinky's. She still has potential to get back into the sexy category, she just needs to chase a Krispy Kreme doughnut tied to a string on a stick held over her face. That should to it!

8). Shauna Sand, you are probably asking yourself who is this hideous looking chick.Well. her claim to fame was being married to Lorenzo Llamas and being a Playboy Playmate of 1996 but IMDB says she's an actress. I guess softcore porn is categorized as "acting".

7). Edward Furlong the first male celeb on our list was my crush growing up, not only being attractive but I admired his acting. He's now an overweight vegetarian. There's nothing wrong with a bit of chuckiness, but it just doesn't look right on him. Sorry Ed, word of advice, lay off the carbs!

6). Janice Dickenson made the cut because it's just pathetic she's clinging on to the title "I was the first supermodel", sadly she has not preserved well at all. This loud mouthed attention ho should be closer to number one but I hate to say this, she's not that ugly but in no means beautiful.

5). Jack Nicholson went from heart throb to "jesus man, put down that hoogie". He can still pull chicks though, I'll give him that!

Now we are getting to the nitty gritty of fugly fug celebrities who makes you think "what happened to them?".

4). Britney Spears was once a bubbly pop tart then 248 extra large bags of Cheetos, chain smoking Marlboro reds, shaved head, hundreds of double mocha frappuccino's and two kids later... she's just ugly and out of shape. Bring it on Chris Crocker!

3). Kirstie Alley needs to eat a salad and lay off the lard sandwiches. You can set a beverage of that ass, have her bike the Tour de France and it still won't spill a drop.

2). Kathleen Turner. Folks, I can't even explain to you what happened to her. Yes, she's over weight but her face, what did she do to herself? Perhaps cosmetic surgery gone wrong but it kinda looks scarred up. Whatever the case may be, she's made number two on our ugly list.

This is a sad day for nerds...

1). Kelly LeBrok, the hot supermodel barbie doll from "Weird Science" is not only unattractive and overweight but she has said "I'll never eat a piece of lettuce ever again". Good for her, I guess for being comfortable in her own skin but damn girl, What happened?

There you have it folks, Celeblite's superficial top 10 beautifully ugly celebrities countdown. I sure hope you enjoyed it, the floodgates are open to hate mail if you lack a sense of humor and self esteem.



Author: christin Posted: 2/28/2008
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