travis barker crying after plane crash video taped by police dash cam

Video of Travis Barker during crash

A video of Travis Barker screaming and crying during the crash leaked from WOLO-TV in Columbia South Carolina from the dash-cam of a police officer who responded to the jet plane crash ingulfed in flames. 

 They also play a 911 call and you can hear Barker, who suffered burns on his torso, pleading for help.  The inappropriately named Anderson Burns and sassy junior reporter Robin Hinson introduce the story, then Robin sarcastically explains that a police offer is "springing into action", even though he’s sitting perfectly still, then heroically walking in the wrong direction, slowly.  

This video will be taken off Youtube any minute now...




This is bad.

Author: christin Posted: 9/23/2008
Tags: Adam Goldstein  fire  Travis Barker