victoria beckham goes nides for skin cancer


Victoria Beckham has been chosen to bring awareness to skin cancer. Um, well she's not exactly all natural. She doesn't has skin cancer. She's very very tanned. Who was the Scientist who put this ad campaign together? Professor John Frink? Ya, I'm showing all of you  my inner nerd for knowing that characters name.

Despite her recent foray back into global pop stardom, Victoria Beckham has still managed to find time to strip off and pose nude for a new designer campaign. Covering her modesty with her hands and the caption “Protect the skin you’re in” Posh Spice is the official face of a T-shirt created by Marc Jacobs to raise awareness of the damage sun can do to skin.

Although it is sure to gain the campaign column inches and a significant following, using perma-tanned Posh could be seen as a bit of an odd choice to be the face of such a cause.

However, the Spice Girl, who has not sported the pale and interesting look since back in the nineties, claims her attitude to skincare has changed since moving to the States. “I have realised how important it is to practise safe sun for myself and to keep the skin of my three boys well protected as well,” she says.

Look at Posh compared to Dita.

Posh naked for anti-skin cancer ad campaign T-shirt. David Beckham supports his wife's naked body.

Author: christin Posted: 1/30/2008
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