The Real Life Mario Kart

Here's the real life Mario Kart with Remi, I usually choose the Toad... never again.

Remi is teh shiet!

Author: christin Posted: 12/5/2008
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Amy and Blake had Sexy Time in the Hospital,That's just Gross

Now, after seeing the header image above, think about what Amy Winehouse looks like laying in a hospital bed with all sorts of IV's in her, assuming she hasn't left the bed in days not showering or even washing the crusty golden nuggets from her eye lids. Then to actually insert your penis in her? Just think of the mess of a vagina this woman has. No!

The Sun revealed yesterday that Fielder-Civil, 26, dashed to the ailing star’s bedside on Tuesday night after failing a drug test in rehab.

And last night a source said he persuaded her reluctant inner-circle to give him one hour alone with her on his final night of freedom.

He told Amy, 25, how sexy she looked — and unlike the line from her hit Rehab, she could not say No, no, no.

The source added: It was obvious what went on.

Fielder-Civil then left the London Clinic and handed himself in to cops in Shoreditch, East London.

He is likely to continue his 27-month sentence for assault and trial-fixing after breaking the terms of his early release.

Amy has been in hospital for ten days after collapsing.

Blake is headed back to jail for the remainder of his sentence for failing a drug test and leaving rehab early to visit his gnarly ass infected wife.

Ah love, it truly is a mystery.

Author: christin Posted: 12/4/2008
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Another Britney post?

Britney Spears' new music video for Circus 'leaked' onto our beloved internets. When I say 'leaked' I mean it's all a lie people, a publicity stunt if you will. 

FYI, the song sucks, much like the rest of her album(s).

Leaked my ass...

Author: christin Posted: 12/4/2008
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The tabs are on the hunt for failure

Just as soon as Britney Spears is looking healthier, thinner, sexier and was even capable of getting her career back in order topping the charts with her crappy pop music once again, the tabloid magazines search near and far for failure. For flaw, because she's human.

Not that I'm a Britney mega fan or even a fan at all (I will never own her albums) but this is pathetic Star magazine;

Britney Spears is back on stage, looking slim and toned. But behind closed doors, she's using pills to kill her appetite, is plagued by insomnia and shaking fits - and feels totally trapped. How long before another major crash? In the Dec. 15 issue of Star, on sale now, we report that although Brit has come a long way since her shocking mental breakdowns, insiders say she's far from fine. In fact, the pop tart is so obsessed with her body that she goes to bed hungry and is abusing a prescription drug to keep her weight down.

What the hell is wrong with those people at Star magazine? She had a head shaving mental breakdown last year and they expect her to be perfect? I mean come on... as Chris Crocker once said, 'Leave Britney aloooone'!

Poor girl has suffered enough.

Author: christin Posted: 12/4/2008
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Spaghetti Cat Tribute

Feast your eyes on the phenomena which is the Spaghetti Cat... this is a tribute.

Music video for the song Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You).

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I Want Campari

Although severely photoshopped by possible Britney Spears' magicians, I can't deny the sex appeal Jessica Alba radiates on her 2009 Campari Swimsuit Calendar. She looks amazingly awesome and you can even tell she ballooned up and pooped out a baby. Kinda makes you hate her husband Cash Warren just a little more.

Make that a lot more.

Who names their kid Cash anyway? Bank robbers? Snooty elite CEO's from the oil industry who roll around in a swimming pool of money? I hate you Cash, and I can tell you right now I'm not alone.

Does the purchase of Campari come with Jessica? Wishful thinking...

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New LOST Season 5 Trailer

Not for nothing but I'm a huge LOST fan and I cannot wait to start watching the new season every week like a religious cult. Season 5 starts Wednesday January 21st on ABC. Watch the sneak peek below!

The first episode of Season 5 titled "Because You Left"

Author: christin Posted: 12/3/2008
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Operation Humble Kanye

Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central has declared war on Kanye West for topping the charts on iTunes which his new album release '808s and Heartbreak' leaving Colbert's Christmas album "A Colbert Christmas, The Greatest Gift of All,”at only no.16.

He has issues 'Operation Humble Kanye' were he pleads the Nation to buy his Christma album wednesday (tomorrow) at 5pm EST to bypass Kanye's success.

Colbert said “I’m furious that an egomaniac like Kanye is beatWednesdaying me.” He reminded us of Kanye’s statement that “I will go down as the voice of this generation of this decade.”

Colbert addressed Kanye on the air. “Sir, you are not the voice of this generation of this decade. In fact with all the auto-tuning on your records, you’re barely the voice of your own albums. "

“You want to be the voice of a generation, get in line. It goes - Me, Obama girl, the guys, then it’s a tie between you and Crocs.”

If all goes according to plan for Colbert, “Kanye will be forced to admit that I am the voice of this generation of this decade of this Wednesday at 5pm.”

Good luck, I don't buy anything, I'm a pirate.

Author: christin Posted: 12/3/2008
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Happy Birthday Brit Brit

Today is Britney Spears' 27th Birthday and also the drop of her new album Circus, Huzzah! Actually it's not that exciting. I loathe pop music.... and Britney. We have a love hate relationship, It's true love.

Britney Spears performed her new single Circus and that damn hit single Womanizer on Good Morning America this morning.... and when I say performed, I mean not really singing but dancing around in skimpy outfits pretending to sing.

Her live performance on Good Morning America is as tastey as the taco bell runs you get after two tacos.

Author: christin Posted: 12/2/2008
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